West Traverse Community Partnership

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Establishing a Sentinel Landscape

Open Space

Why Conserve Open Space

​     As communities continue to expand, the need for open space increases.  The West Traverse Community Partnership is committed to protecting open space as part of our mission.  While Utah is known for its vast open spaces, access to open space in the valleys is diminishing.  We have an opportunity to influence the future of this area.  West Traverse landscape provides ample opportunities for open space that is beneficial to quality of life initiatives for local communities, preserving and maintaining wildlife habitat, and protecting critical training lands for the military and law enforement.

Compatible Development

​     Conservation and open-space is our first option in the protection of Camp Williams. However, compatible development is an acceptable alternative to residential and other incompatible development plans.  Examples of compatible development include recreational trails, agriculture, hunting clubs, quarry operations, karting and racing facilities, renewable energy projects, and most commercial and light industrial manufacturing.