West Traverse Community Partnership

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Establishing a Sentinel Landscape


Why Habitat?‚Äč

     Managing habitat is essential for the health of wildlife populations.  By preserving and protecting the unique habitat in the West Traverse landscape, we are engaging in efforts that will benefit wildlife and plant species in the area.  Mule Deer are just one of the species that inhabit this area.  They rely on the West Traverse landscape for crucial migration corridors, breeding grounds, and a winter range that sustains thousands of deer from year to year.

Wildland Fire Mitigation

     Due to the flashy fuels and arid terrain in the region, wildland fire is a persistent threat to local communities and Camp Williams. Aggressive wildland fire strategies have been implemented with proven results to reduce the catastrophic effects of wildland fire. Livestock grazing, fire breaks, and woody vegetation thinning reduce fuel loads and continue to provide the best protection possible. These strategies employed with compatible land use enhance the safety and protection of communities and habitat throughout the West Traverse landscape.